Calendarios defectuosos!!!!

Bueno jajaja esta mara si se pela! Ahora con mi papá estabamos haciendo cuentas en unos informes y nos fijamos q el calendario q regala una compañia de Celulares aka, está malo. aka les dejo las fotos para q se maten de la risa. “Ya no hacen los calendarios como antes” ;)

Mau.Dos 18 en el mismo mes?Q compañia sera?

Macross Plus (information High)

Anoche estube hablando en el irc de y empezamos a hablár sobre animé y las series favoritas de cada uno. Yo les mencioné que despues de Mazinger Z mi serie de animé favorita es Macross (Robotech). Hace como 8 años un compañero de la U coreano me mencionó que Macross sacó una serie de 4 volumenes llamada Macross Plus. Simpre me facinó la historia y como se desarrollabán los personajes. Me entró la picasón de ver otravez esta gran serie y me metí a buscarla en Yotube. Este video de una de las canciones de Sharon Apple muy bien editado me gustó mucho. Espero q lo disfrutén.Video Youtbe

Historias de Horror de un Proxy server tranparente!

Ahora terminé de instalar un Firewall+Proxy Transparente con Debian Etch. Yo se que el titulo puede sonár medio dramatico, pero creo que tengo un poco de razón al respecto. Me tomó dos días y en realidad no quedó exactamente como yo quería. Mi primera frustación fué cuando instalé un Debian Sarge con la suite de E-box y no me reconoció una tarjeta Linksys con soporte a redes Gigabit. Fué frustante, le pregunté a google y encontré que tenía q compilar el driver para esa versión de Debian. Como soy una persona desesperada y preferí probar con Debian Etch en vez de hacer todo el papeléo de compilar el driver. Reinstalé mi Linux y no tuve ningún problema con la tarjeta renegada y empezé a instalar el Squid “A lo Ranger” sin necesidad de una interfase web. Luego probé instalar y configurar shorewall, pero como en otra ocación anterior no logré implementár las politicas como yó quería. Confieso que tengo q leer mas sobre iptables pero no tenía tiempo (como todo buen linuxero) y decidí emplementar un scripcito q me pasó un amigo hace ratos. Tube problemas con implementar el proxy tranparente porq la versión de  Squid de Etch es la 2.6.X , esta versión ha cambiado las configuaraciones y en vez de abilitar las opciones de tranparent proxy como en Squid 2.6 logré averiguar que solo se tiene q poner a la par del puerto de Squid http_port = 8080 tranparent. Despues de eso cuando configuré las reglas del iptables me funcionó casi perfectamente. Porque casi? Bueno hay una pagina web q carga una applet de Java que no me funcionó. Esa applet como q maneja algún tipo de certificado q por alguna razon no funcionaba detras del proxy tranparente. Alfinal despues de medio día de probar opciones decidí dejar afuera del proxy transparente las maquinas q utilizaban esa applet. Lastima porq por lo demás esa solución funciona de maravilla. Quedé mal con la persona que le instalé porq por mi falta de experiencia en proxy tranparente creo q no dí una buena impresión de Gnu/Linux. Espero q pronto pueda solventar ese problema y no quedarme con esa espina.

Good things come to those who wait!

Soho at Guatemala CityWant an amaizing week! I am definatly a new man! I definetly are keeping my goal of ending this year with a great ending (happy too). I knew this year would turn out being special. I ended up going to Guatemala city AGAING. jajaja Wow, this is pretty wild. I meet this wonderfull girl last week, thanks to my IM I was able to keep in touch every day during the whole week and were able to know each other a little bit more, before we saw each other againf this weekend. I really like this girl. From the moment we met I really felt we clicked. I think she felt the same too. One of the great things about this whole weekend is that I realize that not only me and her were trying to make things to work. A whole bunch of people helped us towards that goal. Even people that really didn’t know me. I feel really happy. “Good thing come to those who wait” I thougth last nite. Things could not have turned for better. I think I never felt so much support and positive feed back. She is pretty, wonderfull person. Now I will have to wait until we meet again on the holidays.

Weekend at Guatemala City!

Ok this time what an amazing week! This week I finished teaching my firts Gnu/Linux course. I got great reviews by my students, so thats a good sign. I went to Guatemala City, what can I say, I had a great time. The last time I went over there was on Independence Day here in El Salvador, I had a great time too, but this one was better. We went to “La Playa” wich is a seafood restaurant, we had a couple of drinks (acutally was a little bit more) and went back to the hotel. The girls that came with us went to change, and my cousing and I stayed at the hotel bar and had a clouple of more drinks.

Discoteca SOHO GuatemalaThen we went to a bar/club callled SOHO, it was a really nice place. One of the best in Central America, There I became friends with a girl and her sister from Guate, her name is Mervat, she is friends with one of the girls I went from El Salvador. We spent the whole time talking and had a great time.We came back the next day. Well it just seems that this end of the year is becoming better and better.

A full week!

This week has been quite busy. Lots of stuff has happened, both professional and personal. On the profesional side I started my classes and have done pretty decent so far. I had just a frew short commings but I think I overcame them. This week I have to continue and start to do workshops beacuse I explained all the theory covered by the course.

On the personal side, well some good and some bad happened. Thursday I went out with some friends for a shampagne event we got invited. They suggested that we should go to the re-opening of a bar and that “Los Rabanes” were playing there. We went there and listen to the music for a while. Friday, well Friday I was supposed to go the last Ministry of Sound Rave of the year. After my classes I went to pick up a friend and went to a Bar to meet with some other friends that wanted to go the concert. We got out too late and could not find tickets and endded up going back to the Clubs in Multiplaza. We hitted Stanza first because my cousing left a Liter of Finlandia last time we went there and wanted to finish it up. Here is were the awkward situation happened. We sat down at the end of the bar and started drinking. My cousing’s wife called her sister because she was already there. She showed up and with her came my ex-girlfriend. Well to my surprise my ex said hi to everyone except me. I really didn’t care because I did not wanted to make a scene. Last week I got some advise from a friend that supposedly knows her and told me some things that might explain that behavior. It’s just a shame that in order to finish the breakup she has to think that she hates me. Well, I guess there is nothing I can do about it. I moved on 100% wich comes to the nice part. We were drinking and dancing and basically having fun, when one of my friends introduced me with a girl friend’s of her. We talked, and had a decent conversation for about 20 minutes, we danced, and basically had fun. It’s nice when that happens because I allways feel better the next day. I asked for her cel number. I guess I’ll call her, I don’t know. I probably see her soon, this is a small town. Well my ex left and after a while this girl that I met left too. I stayed with my friend Memo and my cousin’s sister in law (This is the girl that came with my ex) and we went to Envy, a club that is next to Stanza. We drank some more, danced  and stayed there unitl 5′ clock in the morning. On Saturday  I got up a little hungover and decided to go and have lunch with other cousing and his wife that just had his second kid. We went to a mexican food place. It was really bad. A friend of my cousing’s wife came. She and I had some dates in the past but never got to relationship jump started(Im pretty certain that we both like each other). After lunch we went to the mall and we saw a movie. After the movie  I dropped all at my cousing’s house. I said goodbye and went back home. I was really tired. I could not go out. Just was happy I got to sleep more that 8 hours.

Today I might be going to my parents beach house, and ride one of their boats. I’ll call my cousings and see if they want to go. Im thinking of calling Claudia. She is a nice girl, I guess I should call. Well hopefully I enjoy my day at the beach and get some tan. The year is almost over, and I hope I endded up this year with the satisfaction I spect. It started to look as a bad ending, but it’s turning out to pretty good.

By the way, Happy Birthday Anita Marchelli.