Mau the Teacher!

Well, next week I am starting giving classes. Before I tought some PHP courses for free in the National University here in El Salvador. This is diferent, I guess, Im getting paid. I am very excited and at the same time kind of nervious. This is the first time Im getting paid for teaching. The courses are the Gnu/Linux beginning courses. I know I will learn a lot, and hope that my 5 years of experience can be translated to my new students. The people I teach are new Gnu/Linux and probably just got a new instalation that my friend Mario Arriaza. Well I just hope to do my best. I am very excited and will give my 100% to the class. We’ll see what happens.

Turning 30

Well this is my first non-tech related post. I decided to post it in English, for the sake of being different. I guess I’ll leave my personal posts in English and my tech-related posts in Spanish. I don’t know yet. Well on 11 Nov. I turned 30, it turns out it was a big deal for me. I never thought it will be actually. It was not what I was hoping for. Well recently I broke up with my girl friend. I was a stupid brake up but it turned up to be messy one. She got really mad at  me and didn’t talk to me. Although  it was a short relationship, it really affected me. Actually now that I think about it, I am still affected by it. Every single day I think about her. I call her and she is not responsive, cold, like if nothing happened. On the 10th I call her and asked her out. To my surprise she said yes. We went to have dinner and after that we went to have a drink. She sughested to drink champaign and I said yes. We talked and talked, mostly about our travels and stuff like that. I could not asked her anything about her feelings about me. We were have such a good time and I didn’t want to ruin the moment. At 12 o’clock she was congratulated me for being 30. We hugged, and my heart started to burn. After finishing the bottle we went to a club and sat down and have a couple of drinks. At 2 o’clock we left and I dropped home. On the way before getting to her house she asked me to go with her to her father’s farm the next day. I said yes. I went to sleep really happy because I thought I made some progress on our reconciliation. How wrong I was. The next day I called her and she told me her parents canceled the trip and she was unsure of going. My heart really felt desperate, I hung up and felt like crap.  Late in the afternoon she called me telling me she went anyways. I got so upset I complained to her (I know how childish). she said I was not her fault and that she thought I had other plans since it was my birthday. “Other plans” I thought, crap I was expecting to spend the whole day with her. Well, what started to be a good birthday didn’t seem that way anymore. She really means a lot to me. I don’t know why I got so hung up with her, she is special. I guess we’ll never get back together. I did everything wrong with her. I didn’t take it slow like I always do.  Today I sent hey 10 dozen roses to her office. If she doesn’t call me, I guess its really over. I’ll will move on, I know I will. It’s just that I really loved her. Well, it sucks. I hate when my plans go to hell. I had to put my thoughts together on this. I just hope that I forget her soon.